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Untold story of Kings and Queens of Africa

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Historically, African Americans have been characterized and portrayed as listless, lazy, and unintelligent, in addition to being subjected to dehumanization, oppression, and barbaric treatment.  The notion that blacks and Jews are the lowest form of a species has resonated throughout history, causing irreparable damage.  The contributions that the African American Kings and Queens of Africa made to civilization and the elevation of Black Culture have been systematically excluded from the curriculum,  this is a perfect example of deculturalization.   It is imperative that African American students identify and understand the role and achievements of their ancestors, in order to have a better understanding and appreciation of their heritage.   There is no secret that president Abraham Lincoln had a vision for displacing African American people to another country in order to save the nation.  African Americans were also discredited and failed to receive acknowledgement for many of their contributions to society in the past such as the role African American slaves played in building the  white house, enormous profits obtained from the agriculture industry in the south with the demand for cotton, tobacco, and rice cultivation and there efforts fighting in the civil war.  It is a necessity and vital part of history an learning process for students to make a connection with the past accomplishments of the Kings and Queens of Africa.


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